Agriculture Department of Bihar

agriculture department of bihar

Bihar agriculture department of Ministry of Food Processing and Nutrition (MNFN) has launched the Bihar recruitment website in India. The website offers a complete database of all the posts in the Department including the official portal, the profile page, career-related posts, general pages and many more. It is very easy to browse through the database to find the suitable job opportunity. You just have to register with the website and feed the appropriate name of the candidate along with the address, contact number and designation of your choice.

As part of their new recruitment program, MNFN has notified an online form for candidates wishing to apply for the post of Bihar Agriculture Analyst. Candidates may fill in the form with their profile details and submit it at the nearest site of MNFN, either at New Delhi or at Bihar. The form will be reviewed by the Assistant Director General, who will forward the details to the concerned field officer for further processing. The form is to be submitted as per the instructions given on the home page of Bihar. The submission can be made in two ways – via paperless electronic system or through traditional mail.

The Bihar recruitment process started with the introduction of new rules and regulations for the farmers. These rules and regulations are aimed at controlling the damage caused by the locust invasion in the agricultural fields. Farmers are not allowed to cultivate till they get the approval from the MNFN. The approval is granted after a verification process that takes into account each and every aspect of the agricultural field, such as the condition of the soil, the productivity of the crops etc. Once the farmer gets the approval, he is free to plant the crops.

There was a time when the government of Bihar was concentrating on protecting the food supply of the consumers by getting rid of the harmful effects of the locusts. Earlier the farmers were being hit badly by the locusts because their harvest were being destroyed. They were unable to sell their produce on the retail market and were facing severe problems in the sale of their produce. The agriculture department was also helping them get compensated for the damage caused to them by the locusts. Farmers were compensated monetarily for the loss that they have faced due to the locusts.

Bihar has now become an important place for the farmers. The local economy depends upon the agriculture that is produced by the farmers here. Bihar also provides a lot of scope for the farmers to earn a good income. However, the recent drought has led to the decline in the agricultural output and has lead to a financial crisis for the farmers. This has compelled the bar authorities to implement various programs and schemes to help the farmers increase the production so that the local economy can recover from the situation of decline in agricultural output.

Applications for the registration of the PM Samman are being accepted with much dispatch. The Bihar agriculture department has also sanctioned a maximum of six percent grants for the eligible candidates. However, it is very difficult to stand the competitive examination and if a candidate is able to clear the test he can expect a good amount of money. The bihar samman is being conducted randomly and the selected candidates are issued with the PM Samman certificate after passing the test. The process is very simple and the application form can be downloaded from the website of the agriculture department of Bihar.